Healing and Prayer


The Rev. Kathleen Christopher
Director of Healing and Prayer

Lynn Nelson
Program Coordinator

Healing Testimonies

Sprained Ankle Strengthened 

“I had been having some trouble with a sprained ankle that was very slow to recover. Shortly after the healing prayers of my team, I was able to walk better and the ankle has continued to get stronger. Praise God!” 

- Healing Prayer Training Workshop Participant

Chronic Pain Healed 

“I have suffered from chronic pain in my body for the last 11 years. I've seen several doctors over the years and while they have been able to diagnosis my issue, they have all told me there is no known cause for it and that there was no cure for it. Scripture says that what is impossible for man is possible for God, and though I had been personally praying, believing and asking others for prayer for my healing I had not had any breakthroughs in healing until last weekend. I learned some new ways to pray that addressed specific hindrances to my healing that I had never considered before, and by God's grace, those prayers were powerful and effective for my healing! Praise Him! I'm so glad I went and even more grateful that I can move forward pain-free and more knowledgeable about how to lead others to pray for healing going forward!”


100% Pain Free Back

“I have had back pain since December and have tried muscle relaxers, steroids, physical therapy, water therapy, essential oils, massages and made numerous lifestyle changes. Nothing has helped. It has continually worsened. My husband, my small group and I have been praying for my back to be healed. After your Prayer Ministers and several of my friends prayed for me, my back has been 100% pain-free! The Lord graciously touched me with His healing power! I am overjoyed and grateful, like the lame man healed by Peter and John in Acts 3, I can't stop jumping, dancing and praising the God who heals!”

Prayer Recipient

A Perfectly Healthy Colon

A few days before his appointment, an email was sent to his personal prayer team; “I have a colonoscopy Monday -- routine for me as I've had Colitis since 1991.  I have thought a few times that God may have healed that completely -- I have not had symptoms in months.  Pray that the colonoscopy shows perfectly healthy and restored colon!”

The day after: “I had my colonoscopy yesterday -- and the doctor said there is no Colitis to be found.  He saw a perfectly healthy colon, and said it is both in 'clinical remission' (no apparent symptoms) but also verified via observation as being clear of all inflammation!  Praise God!

"My wife was with me when the doctor explained everything, and she said the doctor just didn't have a word for 'healed by the grace of God' in his medical training!   Anyway, I'm thankful for my doctor, and I'm thankful for my God and Savior Jesus Christ who still heals the broken places! Be encouraged friends!”

April 15, 2017

God's Peace in Difficult Circumstances

For the past 12 years I have been involved in a legal battle in federal court against my employer. Throughout this difficult experience I have asked faithful prayer ministers to intercede for me and pray for the Lord's vindication and for the outcome to bring glory to the Lord.

This long and drawn out legal battle ended two months ago but did not go in my favor. As I reflect on the past 12 years and in particular the past two months following the jury's verdict, I realize that the Lord had heard and answered every prayer lifted up on my behalf. The Lord had been walking with me every step of the way and making His presence known to me during the most difficult seasons of this journey. The Lord has provided for me and my family during the past 12 years in very tangible ways. 

As I reflect on the past two months, I realize that the incredible peace and joy that I have been experiencing since the jury's verdict did not match my circumstance and is nothing less than a miracle. This thing that we call "the peace of God that passes understanding" is very real and comes only from the Lord Jesus who hears the prayers and intercession of His saints. I thank the Lord for the great gift of the intercessory prayer ministry at TFCA and CHI.

March 14, 2017

Marriage Renewed

Thank you so very much for your amazing ministry.  God really brought my husband and Ipast a barrier this weekend. I had started to give up on a "breakthrough," but the Lord moved in many powerful ways and revitalized my faith that He will start to accelerate the needed transformations in our marriage and family.

We were wondering if you would officiate renewing our vows?  We are laying everything open before the Lord on where He wants us to invest our lives as we extract ourselves from unhealthy situations.  This past weekend reminded us how much TFCA/CHI has been an important part of our journey and it made sense to see if we could renew our vows with you all.

March 14, 2017

Healing of a Cyst

Our dog’s breed is known for getting small cysts on their skin-about the size of your fingernail. Advice is to just ignore the cyst unless it gets the size of a nickel, then it should be surgically removed by the veterinarian.

Last August, our dog who is six years old and already has three small cysts, developed one right above her eyebrow. At first, I thought it was a large tick. No, it wasn’t! But I took her to the veterinarian just to be sure. They concluded that it was a cyst and “Would I like it removed?” I said, “no,” as that would entail surgery, three stitches and the dreaded cone shaped plastic collar around her neck for a week.

Every time I petted her head my hand would rub over the cyst. It was annoying. This went on for several weeks. Then I remembered a testimony from the Weekly church bulletin about someone’s pet rabbit having an eye infection and they had asked God to heal their rabbit’s eye. Do I dare trouble God to ask Him to heal a cyst on our dog’s head? I had been asking God daily for several healings on our family’s health...why not the dog? Yes, I knew He cared about our dog. So the first morning after my devotions, I went over to our dog and prayed that God would heal her cyst. I touched the cyst as I prayed. And then I thanked God for listening and caring. Each morning that week, I would pray and touch the cyst, humbly asking God to heal her. The fifth day, I  went to pray and couldn’t find the cyst! I searched all through her fur and on her head and found nothing! That was six months ago. I still thank God for healing that cyst as I pet her. And it gives me hope as I await the healings on our family’s health.

March 15, 2017

Herniated Discs and Spinal Stenosis Gone!

Two and half years ago, I had severe pain in my right hip which traveling down the leg. It was so bad, I could not sleep for days on end. An MRI revealed I had two herniated discs, severe spinal stenosis, and a couple of tears in the tendon that wraps around my right hip. Through chiropractic treatments, the pain was eventually lowered to a “new normal” which I could handle.

Last August, I was rear-ended in a traffic accident that reactivated the pain. A new MRI shows a pinched nerve among the other observations from the previous MRI.

The group praying for me at the healing training conference included a doctor as well as others who knew a lot about the body. Their prayers for me were very medically-inspired and specific. I felt a little heat in the area they were praying about but nothing dramatic. However, when they stopped praying for me and asked me how I felt, I had no pain!!! 

Since then the pain has been lowered from a 7 to a 3. I’m not sure if I’m completely healed, but I think I just might be. Wish I could get another MRI!

March 15, 2017

Conviction of My Spirit of Accusation

[During prayer] “The Lord showed me that I had been crucifying other people with a spirit of accusation. I saw myself trying to nail people to crosses.  Then I saw that Jesus was taking down a sign from above another cross. The sign had my name on it. Then I saw Him put another sign above the Cross which said  INRI from the (Latin Iesus/Iesus Nazarenus, Rex Iudaeorum)  John 19:19 "Pilate had a notice prepared and fastened to the cross. It read: Jesus of Nazareth,the king of the Jews."  The vision convicted me of my own sin of anger and pride and showed me again the personal sacrifice that Jesus made to pay the penalty for my sins.”

February 15, 2017

Healing Prayer Class
September 5 - March 27

The purpose of this class is to educate people about Christian Healing Prayer and give them an opportunity to learn by practicing it. The course material is either live or videos from well known Christian Healing Prayer ministries. Both beginners and the more experienced will benefit from this class. Register for the fall, spring, or both sessions.

Prayer for Yourself

Confidential Prayer Requests

Call 571-282- 0220. Email your prayer request confidentially: general needs needs, marriage needs, For military and their families (or call 571-282-0221).  

A prayer team will pray daily for two weeks for individuals, and daily for a month for marriages. For continued prayer, please resubmit your request. 

Prayer at the Rail • Sunday

Prayer teams are available to pray confidentially with you after each of our Sunday services: 8, 9, and 11 a.m.

Weekly Afternoon Prayer • Tuesday

Third floor

Every Tuesday, 1:30-4 p.m. (prayer sessions end at 4 p.m.) 

An appointment is required. Please call the church office receptionist a few days ahead at 571-282-0100 to reserve a session.

Weekly Noon Healing Service • Wednesday

Join us for a special service of Holy Communion and anointing for healing.

Cranmer Chapel

Wednesdays at Noon

Monthly Evenings of Healing Prayer

Receive one hour of individual prayer from a specially trained prayer team. We have seen many wonderful healings from this type of prayer. If you would like prayer for physical healing, inner healing, or any other need. Spaces are limited; a reservation in advance is required.

Ministry Center

One hour on the third Tuesday of the month
 7-8 p.m. or 8-9 p.m.    

Scott Thompson 

Monthly Tuesday Evening of Silent Soaking Prayer

First Tuesday of the month, drop-in from 7-9 p.m.

Ministry Center

Monthly Sunday Healing Service

Service includes time for worship, a short sermon, testimonies, followed by an opportunity to receive individual prayer from trained prayer teams. Quarterly (Mar/June/Sept/Dec), this service is a generational healing Eucharist.

Location: Cranmer Chapel
Time: 7 p.m.
Day: Second Sunday of every month

Individual Intensive Prayer Ministry

Confidential long-term prayer ministry for deeper issues related to inner healing, broken relationships, spiritual issues, or other problems and conditions. Individuals meet privately with a pair of specially-trained prayer ministers for 5-6 prayer sessions. (An application, including a pre-interview, is required. There is usually a waiting list.) For information on applying to receive individual long-term intensive prayer, contact Chuck Cook (703-354-5469).

Pray for Others

Pray for Our Nation • Saturday

1st and 3rd Saturday, 8:45-9:45 a.m.

Learning Center

Lesley Hackman 

We also gather to pray for our nation between services, 10:30-11 a.m., every Sunday, at Bishop O’Connell. We meet outside the chapel on the second floor. It's led by Judy Stokes.

Pray for the Persecuted Church

2nd Tuesday of the month,  7-9 p.m.  
6565 Arlington Blvd., Third Floor  

Contact: Alana Johnson

Pray for our church • Saturday

Second Saturday of the month, 8:45-9:45 a.m.

Learning Center

Lesley Hackman

Adopt a Ministry

Adopt one of our ministries in prayer and privately intercede for them, for a 3-month time period.  Find out more

Moms in Prayer

Praying for schools (Pre-K through College & Career) Prodigals, Special Needs and Prison.

Cindy Bledsoe