The Care Team

The mission of our Care Team is to foster a climate that upholds the Biblical mandate to “love one another as Christ has loved us” (John 15:12) and to “Bear one another’s burdens, and in this way fulfill the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2).

The Care Team is a core of trained volunteers dedicated to assisting parishioners with a variety of needs, from help with yard work or emergency meals to assessment of a need and referral to appropriate resources, or lending a listening ear. It is a "first point of contact" for a person in need. Each work day a Team member is in our Care Team office available to take phone calls or to see parishioners on a drop-in basis.

The Care Team can provide information on resources within and outside the church, connect parishioners with an appropriate person (clergy, layperson, professional), provide an emergency meal, help brainstorm about a problematic situation, or simply lend a listening ear. Team members are not therapists, but they make calls and send notes of encouragement to parishioners who are ill, grieving, or experiencing difficult times.

The Care Team is directed by The Rev. Lisa Henderson. She is in the office Monday-Friday on a part-time basis and is available to meet with people, help assess concerns, and make appropriate recommendations and/or referrals to carefully screened counselors and resources in the community. Confidentiality is carefully guarded.

Our Areas of Work

Needs And Blessings Ads

If you are a parishioner, we encourage you to view and submit ads to  the Needs and Blessings area on our website. The link is in the footer menu. Click here to go there now.

Frozen Meals at No Notice At All (MANNA)

If you need a meal, please let the Care Team know. If you want to help make meals, please see these guidelines.

Counseling Services

Rev. Lisa Henderson, the director of the Care Team, is available Monday through Friday (part-time) to refer as appropriate to carefully screened resources within and outside The Falls Church (clergy, counselors, or other resources). Additionally, she can meet with parishioners to help them think clearly through difficult situations or relationships.

If you seek a referral for counseling, Lisa would need to talk with you either by phone or in person in order to make an appropriate referral. She usually provides several names of counselors for you so you can explore the options and choose based upon counselor expertise, personality, experience, price, and location. She can be reached at 571-282-0204.

Financial Counseling

Parishioners, expert in personal finances, provide confidential help to those struggling with budget, debt, and other financial issues. We specifically do not provide investment advice. The emphasis is on short-term strategies aimed at assisting people to get on the right track financially. Call The Care Team office at (571)282-0201. 

Continuing Care

A team of volunteers have created resources to help guide those who are making decisions about care for the elderly or other loved ones. For more information, call 571-282-0201.


The Rev. Rick Wright
Director of Congregational Care

Jenny Byrne
Seniors Ministry Coordinator

The Rev. Lisa Henderson
Care Team

The Rev. Nicholas Lubelfeld
Pastoral Associate

Glenis Pittman
Admin. Assistant, Care Team

Donna Wills
Administrative Assistant