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Centurion of Great Faith

November 13, 2018

Go Deeper Notes Jesus raising the dead; Roman catacomb, 3rd century Biblical Background Gospel of Matthew: The Gospel of Matthew is written primarily to a Jewish audience, thus the large number of quotations to the Hebrew Scriptures and prophetic fulfillments mentioned.  In this case, Matthew is throwing off his readers and showing Jesus’ lack of…

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Mary of Bethany

November 6, 2018

Go Deeper Notes Biblical Background Bethany: This small village is near Jerusalem on the other side of the Mount of Olives and would be a place for pilgrims to Jerusalem during the major festivals to stay. Reclining at meals: People ate while reclining in the 1st century, laying on their left side, propped up on…

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The Rich Young Ruler

October 31, 2018

Go Deeper Notes “Christ says, ‘Give me All. I don’t want so much of your time and so much of your money and so much of your work: I want You. I have not come to torment your natural self, but to kill it. No half-measures are any good…Hand over the whole natural self, all…

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Come to Me, Rest

October 24, 2018

Go Deeper Notes Biblical Background The wise and understanding vs. the little children: Jesus is echoing the Old Testament teaching on wisdom which begins with “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge” (Proverbs 1:7) and “the beginning of wisdom,” (Psalm 111:10).  It is not those who have become wise in their own…

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That They May Be One

October 2, 2018

Go Deeper Notes Biblical Background Unity of God the Father and God the Son: The unity of the Trinity, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit is an essential aspect of God’s character.  Thus, God’s people are to reflect this same character of unity or oneness as they worship the same…

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The Prayer of Jesus

September 26, 2018

Go Deeper Notes Biblical Background Prayer Posture: “He lifted up his eyes to heaven,”  – this posture in prayer is spoken of in other Jewish literature, especially in the intertestamental books of the Apocrypha.  Our physical posture does play a role in our prayers and may vary on the situation.  In the Bible we find…

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Grace and Bearing One Another’s Burdens

June 8, 2018

Go Deeper Notes Biblical Background Brothers and sisters: Paul is addressing disciples of Jesus Christ.  While all people are created in the image of God, not all people are children of God.  We must be adopted into God’s family through faith in Jesus Christ.  Only then do we become children of God and thus brothers…

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Grace in Marriage

June 4, 2018

Go Deeper Notes Biblical Background On the third day: This beginning of the passage “on the third day” in reference to the wedding celebration could be a hint foreshadowing Jesus’ promise in John 2:19 that the resurrection will occur after three days. This is probably not referring to the third day of the week as…

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Grace and Friendship

May 16, 2018

Go Deeper Notes Biblical Background Greek and Roman Stories: Greek and Roman literature viewed the act of dying for one’s friend as heroic and was the greatest act of friendship. An example is story in which Pythias offered to be killed in place of his friend Damon, or the story in which Achilles goes into…

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Grace Toward Our Enemies

May 9, 2018

Go Deeper Notes Biblical Background List of virtues: It was a common practice for both Greek and Hebrew ethicists and moralists to create lists of virtues in their writing.  We see this in verses 8-9 of this passage. Psalm 34:12-16: Peter quotes this portion of the Psalm as he encourages Christians to turn from evil…

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