Go Deep(er)

Grace and Friendship

May 16, 2018

Go Deeper Notes Biblical Background Greek and Roman Stories: Greek and Roman literature viewed the act of dying for one’s friend as heroic and was the greatest act of friendship. An example is story in which Pythias offered to be killed in place of his friend Damon, or the story in which Achilles goes into…

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Grace Toward Our Enemies

May 9, 2018

Go Deeper Notes Biblical Background List of virtues: It was a common practice for both Greek and Hebrew ethicists and moralists to create lists of virtues in their writing.  We see this in verses 8-9 of this passage. Psalm 34:12-16: Peter quotes this portion of the Psalm as he encourages Christians to turn from evil…

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Grace and Courage

May 1, 2018

Paul like many of the Old Testament prophets received special knowledge and revelation from God through visions – supernatural experiences in which God communicated intimately and clearly with Paul. While these visions and revelations are not everyday occurrences, even in the lives of the apostles and prophets, they were a powerful means of revelation from God.

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Grace and Race

April 25, 2018

God shows no partiality: This is consistent even in the Hebrew Old Testament as God accepted all who sought after him, whether Jew or Gentile. Examples of this are Ruth the Moabite, Rahab from Jericho, and others.

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Grace for All Peoples

April 17, 2018

Non-Jews were Gentiles. The Jewish people considered Gentiles to be, “unclean”, “goy”, “non-Kosher,” “pork-eating” and uncircumcised. They were considered to be “without God,” not knowing the true God. This is ironic as the Jews and Christians were considered atheists by other religions –since they didn’t have visible gods or idols.

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Like New Wine for the Thirsty

March 14, 2018

Like New Wine for the Thirsty Go Deep(er) Notes for March 18, 2018 Scripture PassageJohn 2:1-12 Hear More Sermons Biblical Background On the third day: This beginning of the passage “on the third day” in reference to the wedding celebration could be a hint foreshadowing Jesus’ promise in John 2:19 that the resurrection will occur…

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The Act of Grace

February 20, 2018

The Act of Grace Go Deep(er) Notes for Feb. 25, 2018 Scripture Passage 2 Corinthians 8:1-11 Additional Links Continuing the Work God Has Begun Among You: Living a Generous Life Sermon Archive Biblical Background Paul’s previous comments on giving: In 1 Corinthians 16:1-2, Paul tells the Corinthians about the need to collect funds to help…

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Grace and Generosity

February 14, 2018

Grace and Generosity Go Deep(er) Notes for Feb 18, 2018 Scripture Passage Philippians 4:10-23 Additional Links The Secret of Being Content   Hear More Sermons Biblical Background 1st church in Europe:  Philippi in the province of Macedonia was the first place in Europe to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They were loyal to Christ…

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Approaching a Holy God of Grace

January 24, 2018

Approaching a Holy God of Grace Go Deep(er) Notes for Jan. 28, 2017 Scripture Passage Luke 18:9-17       Additional Links Hear More Sermons Biblical Background Prayer Times at the Temple: Daily prayer times were scheduled for the morning and evening sacrifices in the temple.  As well, people could go up to the temple at any time…

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Desperate for Grace

January 16, 2018

Desperate for Grace Go Deep(er) Notes for Jan. 21, 2018 Scripture PassageEphesians 2:1-10 Additional Links Hear More Sermons Biblical Background Dead in sin: Paul is stating that everyone outside of a relationship with Jesus Christ are spiritually dead – meaning there is no spiritual life in them.  This is the consequence of both original (inherited) …

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