That you might fight the good fight...

... holding on to faith and a good conscience.

1 Timothy 1:18


The Rev. Dr. Rick Wright
Senior Associate Rector

"Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example..." I Timothy 4:12

We believe that one of the most effective evangelistic strategies is to plant new churches that share the Good News of Jesus Christ, which in turn plant more churches with the same love for bringing people to new life in Christ.

We have a long-term view for shaping Christian leaders to lead new churches in the Anglican tradition. Realizing an increasing need for clergy in the greater Washington community who can clearly lead in today’s culture of “conditional truth,” the Rector of The Falls Church Anglican, John Yates, envisioned a unique residency program for recent seminary graduates committed to the Biblical faith.

This challenging program equips young pastors for leadership by providing further advanced practical training to prepare them to plant and lead new churches, particularly within the greater Washington, D.C. region. The result of this vision is the Timothy Program.

In order to train young pastors to develop churches that equip their members to join faith, vocation and relationships in an integrated life vision, the Timothy Program offers a three-year experience combining parish ministry with studies in practical theology, as well as leadership coaching with related training.

The primary focus throughout the three years is to equip participants to plant churches; thus, participants’ experiences are designed to further this goal.

Those who trained in recent years at TFCA, now ordained

Charles Alley
Mary Amendolia
Deborah Apoldo
Erin Bair
David Ball
J. Frederic Barrett, Jr.
Martin Bastian
Jeffrey Boldt
John Butin
Christopher Cairns
Sam Clarke
Timothy Clayton
Erin Clifford
Nancy DeForest
Peet Dickinson
Mark DiCristina
Christopher Ditzenberger
George (Corky) Eddins, II
Samuel Ferguson
Robert Fickley
Jay Fowler
Ramsey Gilchrist
David Glade
Jack Grubbs
James Guthrie
William (Bill) Haley
Greg Hampton
David Hanke
Robert Holman
Hall Hunt
Ford Jordan
Matthew Kennedy
Julie Kelly

David Knox
Jady Koch
John Kurcina
Nicholas Lannon
Jonathan Linebaugh
David MacKenzie
Robert McLeod
Dan Marotta
Dean Miller
Fletcher Montgomery
Bill Mugford
Jamie Pahl
Samuel Pascoe
Robert Ragan
Douglas Richnow
Andrew Rowell
Greg Salazar
Meg Saunders
John Sheehan
Charles Shrum
Robert Smith
James Swynford
Jeffrey Taylor
Wright Wall
Lin Walton
Patrick Ware
Robert Watkin
Bryan White
Lee Winters, Jr.
John Yates, III
Kristen Yates

Satellite congregations we've launched in and around Washington, DC

All Nations DC
Christ Church Vienna
Christ the King Alexandria
Incarnation Church
Redeemer Anglican Church
Restoration Arlington
Winchester Anglican

Summary of the Timothy program

The Timothy Program is designed to train and equip young Anglican clergymen to become church planters, either in our DC metro area or beyond. It is normally a three year program. Both general and specific pastoral skills will be provided, which are intended to give them experience and opportunities to grow in Christ and in their ministry knowledge, skills and abilities. A variety of training methodologies will be used throughout the three years. It is expected that at the end of the three year program the Timothy will launch a new church plant. The Timothy Program is designed to ‘flex’ with the needs of each Timothy. The program will be reviewed at the end of each semester, and the specific program goals adjusted accordingly. Click here for a more lengthy document you can download.

View or download the current program application

The Timothy Program Church Planting Track is a two to three year program to equip young clergymen to plant churches in the metro DC area. We require that applicants: (1) be 35 or younger; (2) earned an M.Div. or be/get on track to earn the degree; (3) be in, or be willing to get on, an Anglican ordination track approved by TFCA.

In order to apply to enter the program in the summer of 2013 we ask that you send us the following: (1) Cover Letter stating intent to apply; (2) Resume; (3); 8 references: 2 personal, 2 church oversight, 2 seminary, 2 work; (4) Copy of your application materials to enter the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic ordination process (TFCA would be your sponsor. (You are responsible for finding and covering the cost of your own licensed counselor for the psychological and physical assessment. The background check is taken care of by TFCA); (5) Video or recording of three sermons (6) Provide us with the full church planter assessment test results from Church Planter Profiles.

Please send to us your answers to the following questions, no more than four pages total.

  1. Describe in detail two or three experiences you have had in starting a new business, program, venture, or other event, starting with your vision and the processes you used
    to bring it to pass.
  2. Tell us about how you have gathered a team together and trained some of them for leadership roles.
  3. Tell us about two or three church events/programs that you were in charge of where you had to make last minute changes.
  4. Please tell us two or three stories about how you have brought the lost to Christ.
  5. Describe your prior experiences in church planting.
  6. Describe why you believe you are called to plant churches.

Please send us the answers to the following questions, total no more than four pages.

  1. What is your primary theological orientation - Dispensational, Pentecostal, Reformed, Anglo-Catholic, etc.?
  2. What is your view of the 39 Articles?
  3. Describe briefly your sacramental theology, including your view of Baptism & Communion.
  4. Please describe the appropriate roles of Clergy & Laity.