Men's Retreat 2018

April 20-22

Joshua: Living Courageously! 


We are just hours away from TFCA Men's Retreat.  The weather suggests it may be a bit chilly (lows of 32 and high of 60).  Please dress accordingly.  That said, only mentions it being sunny and breezy. In typical weather forecasting fashion, it fails to mention the most dramatic weather front gathering steam and heading in Gore's direction ... it's call a "Man Thunder" event ... much more dramatic than any hurricane or tornado watch or warning.  It's all about the Holly Spirit being sent to dwell among us and to lead us in an overwhelming response to the Lord's calling for us to live Courageously by Going deeper with God and with each other.  Do you feel the "Man Thunder" growing within you?

The Retreat program officially starts Friday (4/20) at 8:00 with Welcoming remarks, followed very shortly thereafter by the first Worship session and a "Meet and Greet".  There will be a bonfire starting at 9:00.  MOST IMPORTANT -- Check-in starts at 4:00 PM.  Remember, there is no dinner provided Friday evening and early arrivals get no extra credit.

The following are some boring details on what you need to read:

  1. If you're receiving this e-mail we're expecting you there.  You've either paid your registration fee on-line, promised to mail it in, or requested financial assist (all finical assist requests can be accommodated ... if you can provide any portion of the fee, just send a check to the church with an annotation in the memo line of your check "Men's Retreat Registration" (same for anyone that is planning on paying in full, but just hasn't yet).
  2. Bed linens and towels are provided.  Please bring your own toilettes, soap, and shampoo.
  3. There are only two keys per room. So, if you are in a room with more than two people, you'll need to coordinate with your roommates on how you want to handle that situation. In an extreme situation, I'll have a master key and can get you in your room. But you will have to hunt me down like the dog I am.
  4. Bring your Bible and anything you'd want to take notes on the old fashion way (paper and an actual writing device).
  5. When you arrive at the retreat center, please check-in at the Prayer Room ... we hope to have that location adequately marked before you get there.  You will only be able to check-in from the TFCA table check-in table.  The retreat site is not set up to check you in if you arrive early.  Please do not ask them.
  6. I have no idea what Internet connectivity is at the retreat site ... so roll the dice ... take your chances.
  7. Please bring no electronic devices to the auditorium for any of the talks or to your small group sessions.  Please, just make yourself available to focus on the topic and listen ... either to the speaker or to what our Father is trying to tell you.  If you feel the need to document what is being said, please just go the old-fashioned route and scribble something down on paper with a pen or pencil.  We really want you connect with spiritually with whatever the topic is.  Just disconnect digitally during these sessions, at least.
  8. Your room key turn-in will be prior to going to lunch on Sunday (1200 start to lunch). We'll tell you where to turn them in sometime during the retreat.  This means you'd need to have your belongs loaded into you car prior to going to lunch.
  9.  Please remember, we are guests at an Assembly of God facility and we need to respect and honor the Christian beliefs and practices:
  10. The use of alcohol and unprescribed drugs (controlled substances) is strictly prohibited.
  11.  Smoking is prohibited in all PCRC buildings.
  12. Possession or use of any weapon, firearm, or fireworks is strictly prohibitd.
  13.  Open flames are not permitted in buildings or on PCRC grounds.  Bonfires are to be started only by PCRC staff and will be in designated areas, and must be extinguished NLT 11:00 PM
  14. No cooking appliances are allowed in the rooms.
  15. A noise curfew will be strictly enforced between 11 pm and 7 am daily
  16. We are required to assist in maintaining all lodging, meeting rooms and surrounding areas in a clean, orderly condition.

I do realize there is not much time to address any other questions you may have.  But, if you have any I can be reached on my cell phone anytime after 1030 Friday (4/20) ... 703-863-8915. Please see the below for direction to the retreat location (address is: 1794 Back Creek Road, Gore, VA 22637):

  1. Follow M St NW to US-29 S/Francis Scott Key Bridge/Key Bridge
  2. Head southeast on Scott Cir NW toward Rhode Island Ave NW
  3. Exit the traffic circle
  4. Continue onto 16th St NW
  5. Turn right onto M St NW
  6. Take George Washington Memorial Pkwy, VA-267 W, VA-7 W and US-50 W to Gore Rd in Gainesboro
  7. Turn left onto US-29 S/Francis Scott Key Bridge/Key Bridge
  8. Slight right to merge onto George Washington Memorial Pkwy
  9. Take the exit on the left onto I-495 S
  10. Take exit 45A to merge onto VA-267 W toward Dulles Airport
  11. Take exit 1A on the left to merge onto US-15 S/VA-7 W/Leesburg Bypass toward Leesburg/Warrenton
  12. Slight right onto the Interstate 81 N ramp to Martinsburg
  13. Merge onto I-81 N
  14. Take exit 317 for US-11/VA-37 toward Winchester/Stephenson/US-522 N/US-50 W
  15. Turn left onto US-11 S
  16. Continue straight onto VA-37 S (signs for Virginia 37 S/US 522 N/US 50 W)
  17. Take the US 50 exit toward Winchester/Romney
  18. Turn right onto US-50 W
  19. Drive to State Rte 704 in Back Creek
  20. Turn left onto Gore Rd
  21. Turn left onto State Rte 718
  22. Continue onto State Rte 704
  23. Destination will be on the right

General Schedule

Friday, April 20
(No meal provided this day)
5 p.m. - Rooms available for check-in
7:30 p.m. - Welcome and Introductory Remarks
8:30 p.m. - Fellowship and Bonfire

Saturday, April 21
8 a.m. - Breakfast
9 a.m. - Retreat Program
Noon - Lunch
12:45 p.m. - Retreat Program
2 p.m. - Free Time
5 p.m. - Dinner
6 p.m. - Retreat Program
8:30 p.m. - Fellowship and Bonfire

Sunday, April 22

8 a.m. - Breakfast
9 a.m. - Worship
Noon - Lunch
1 p.m. - Room Check-Out and departure

Going deeper with God and with each other

We invite all of the men of our church and their guests to join us for our annual Men’s Retreat, April 20-22, at Pine Creek Retreat Center in Gore, VA.  The theme this year is Joshua:  Living Courageously!  The Lord told Joshua, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go,” Joshua 1:9.  We will explore the life of Joshua and consider what we can learn from how he loved the Lord, listened for his commands, demonstrated faithfulness, lived courageously, and led the people of Israel.  What does it look like to be men who live courageously?

The retreat will include time for worship, study, small group discussion, plenty of free time for countless fun things to do, evening bonfires, and more.  We hope you will join John Yates, Bill Haley, and the men of the church for this great time together!




Q:  What time does the retreat start?
A:  The retreat technically begins at 7:30 p.m. on Friday evening (with rooms available for check-in at 5:00 p.m.).  The praise and speaking will begin at 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning.

Q: What time does the retreat end?
A:  After lunch, which is served at noon on Sunday.

Q: If someone were needs to reach me and my phone is not on me or not functioning, how should they try to contact me in case of emergency?
A: Sergio’s cell 240-750-3746, if you are unreachable by other means.  

Q:  Does the resort offer private rooms?
A:  Yes, there are a limited number of private rooms available, offered at a higher rate per night.

Q:  Would I be able to select my own roommate(s)?
A:  Yes, you can include your roommate request on the registration form.  Booking your room as early as possible would be helpful and we will make every attempt to accommodate such requests, but cannot guarantee all roommate requests will be met.

Q:  Is this for TFCA members only?
A:  No, this is a retreat for men interested in getting to know how God calls us to be men.

Q:  Can I bring a younger family member or friend to the retreat?
A:  The retreat is open to family members and friends.  The content and material covered during the retreat will be based on Scripture.  Senior in high school and older might make sense. We advise you to use your judgment on if this would be enjoyable for the youngster you have in mind.

Q:  Are we permitted to bring our own food to the retreat?
A:  The facility does not allow outside food on the premises.  The lodging fee does include meals. Normal snacks you might travel with, like energy bars, nuts, etc. would be fine.

Q:  Are we permitted to bring wine, beer or alcohol?
A:  No, this facility does not allow alcohol consumption on the premises.  There are a few restaurants/pubs nearby, for those that might want to enjoy such beverages.

Q:  Is this a non-smoking facility?
A:  Yes, smoking is not permitted in the rooms, buildings nor anywhere else on the property.   

Q:  Should I bring my golf clubs?
A:   No, leave the clubs at home this time.   

Q:  Will this retreat be recorded?
A:  No, one of the objectives and expected benefits of this retreat is quality interaction with fellow men in our community.  We are hoping this will be an experience described as a “can’t miss” next time!

Q:  Will we worship on Sunday?
A:  Yes, we will conclude the retreat with a worship service on Sunday.

Q: Will I be able to receive healing prayer?
A: Yes, we will have trained confidential healing prayer ministers at the retreat.

Q: I am unable to stay overnight Friday, can I come up for just the Saturday and Sunday sessions?  If so, what is the cost, would meals be available?
A: We are encouraging everyone to make the most of this time together.  We established fixed rates for the rooms, meals and the programs. If you cannot make it Friday night, we encourage you to take advantage of breakfast at 8:00 a.m. Saturday and programming beginning at 9:00 a.m.  Unfortunately, there will be no refunds if your room goes unused Friday evening.

Q: I have dietary restrictions.  What options will be available to me?
A: Vegetarian meals can be prepared upon request for an extra charge.  We would want to call the facility ahead of time for cases of severe allergies and concerns of cross-contamination.

Q: Will there be childcare facilities, as I am a one parent family?
A: No, unfortunately, we are not able to offer childcare.

Q:  I am having a hard time getting around these days, are there ramps and rooms suitable for my wheelchair, walker or crutches?
A:  Yes, there are accommodations for folks in need of easier access.  Plus, there are plenty of guys to lend a hand.

Q:  What is the attire for the retreat?
A:  Casual attire for the speaker segments (think more 11:00 a.m. than 9:00 a.m. service dress).  If you plan on engaging in some form of exercise, remember to bring comfortable walking/hiking shoes for hitting the trails or athletic attire for basketball, volleyball, running, etc.

Q:  Is there a workout room?
A:  Yes, there are some additional indoor and outdoor opportunities for exercise.

Q:  Can I have my eggs poached and will there be a sufficient amount of complex carbohydrates and lean meats to maintain the proper balance for my diet?
A:  Come on, man!