The Search for Our New Rector

Rector Search


Whit Jordan, Chairman
William Barratt
Paul Fitzpatrick
David Gustafson
Katherine Haley, Vestry Member
Joel Harris
Steffen Johnson
Elizabeth Rice
Steve Ritchey, Vestry Member
Kristen Short
Judy Stokes

Pray for the Succession Committee and Our Church

We need the prayers of our body, enabling us to discern the Lord's path. Some areas to consider are:

  • submitting to the mind of Christ in all of our affairs;
  • listening for God's quiet leading, as individuals and as a group;
  • relinquishing our own opinions;
  • clearly recognizing the man God has chosen to carry us forward as a vital body of Christ, for such a time as this.

April 29 Parish Update

March 25 Parish Update

"Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." 1 Samuel 16:7

Succession Committee Update from 9/3/17

Kristen Short updated the congregation on the Succession Committee’s progress on Sunday, September 3, 2017

I want to thank you and the vestry for giving my colleagues on the succession committee and me the opportunity to serve our church in this manner.  It is an honor and a responsibility we take very seriously.  We are involved in different ministries, different aspects of life at TFCA, but we are coming together – uniting under the leadership of the Holy Spirit – to discern whom it is that God is calling to be our next rector.

I want to briefly update you on what we’ve been up to the last several months and what’s on the short-term horizon as well.  In a nutshell, we have been doing our homework.  We have been meeting monthly since January with four key objectives in mind:

First – Prayer
We pray individually and collectively for the search process, for each other and for the person whom God will bring to our church. We invite and encourage you to do the same.

Second – Wise Counsel
We have benefited from the wisdom of numerous leaders, bishops and search committee experts --  people from inside and outside of our church  -- who have taken time to share with us their experience and “lessons learned” with respect to leadership, the search process and succession.

Third – Congregational Engagement   
We’ve been so blessed by the emails you have sent to us with your suggestions, ideas and prayers.  About 200 of you attended the parish meetings last spring and nearly 900 of you participated in the parish survey earlier this summer.  The results informed our decisions around selection criteria.  If you want to see the survey results please visit the succession committee’s page on the church’s new website.  We are grateful for your involvement and we pledge to regularly update you on this process.

Fourth – Organization.  
We met with our bishop, our rector, and the vestry; established roles; crafted an interview process and questions; received the names of nearly two dozen potential candidates; prepared a communications plan; commissioned a parish profile; wrote a job description and generally tried to get our ducks in a row.  

This Fall, we move from the Preparation Phase to the Candidate Identification phase.  The job description is posted on the website, and we are now officially accepting applications.  Individuals who have already been suggested will be contacted directly, and we pray many of them will prayerfully decide to join the candidate pool.

We hold the timetable loosely, as much will depend upon the person God provides.  Still, we hope to have completed the search and made our recommendation to the Vestry by this time next year.  Thankfully, John has given us the dual gift of advance notice and flexibility!

John’s shoes are large ones to fill, but we recognize afresh the important distinction he’s been making over his last four decades of ministry here:  The Falls Church Anglican is not John Yates’ church.  It is God’s church.  It is the church of Jesus Christ.  And we are depending on the Holy Spirit to reveal to us who will next take the helm.

The Vestry of The Falls Church Anglican has appointed a Succession Committee to search for the successor to our long-serving current rector, the Rev. Dr. John W. Yates, II. Over the coming months, the committee will be considering candidates for the rector position. After thoroughly examining the candidates and spending time in prayerful consideration and discernment with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the committee will make its recommendation to the Vestry. After receiving the committee’s recommendation and also spending time in prayer and discernment, the Vestry will appoint, with the Bishop’s consent, The Falls Church Anglican’s next rector.

If, after prayerful consideration, you would like to apply for the position or recommend a candidate, we invite you to review the job description and parish profile linked on this page, then email the committee at Candidates are requested to send their résumé/CV, a cover letter that includes a spiritual autobiography (no more than 3 pages), and links to one or two sermon recordings. Inquiries and applications will be treated confidentially.

We also welcome recommendations, questions and comments from parishioners and friends, and encourage you to pray for our work.