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Movie Showing (Emanuel)

Join with other local Christians on June 17 and June 19 to see a thought-provoking featured film about the untold story of the victims and survivors of the Charleston church shooting. Click here to learn more.

”I was struck by the sheer gravity of human loss those murders represented and equally struck by the miraculous gift of forgiveness and redemption that infused the families, the church, and eventually the city. The forgiveness was neither sentimentalized nor over-pietized—it is just a fact that must be reckoned with. An amazing depiction of an even more amazing event that continues to affect those who see it!” ~The Rev. Tory Baucum, Rector at Truro Anglican Church

“The Emanuel documentary truly depicts the Christian life lived out beyond Sunday morning. The expression of Christ-like love and forgiveness in the deep midst of loss and grief speaks to the soul. If this message can be lived out by others, it would make this world a much better place for everyone. This documentary has encouraged me to lean on Christ more and more each and every day whether in the midst of tragedy or in the midst of celebration. That somehow no matter what storm we may experience God can be glorified.” ~Marshal Ausberry, Pastor of Antioch Baptist Church