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Living Beloved: Lessons from My Little Ones About the Heart of God (Morning Babes with Babes)

Date: September 19 through December 12
Time: 9:45 to 11:45 a.m.
Location: 6565 Arlington Blvd., Ministry Center
Teachers: Georgi Barker, Erin Bronson, Caryn Dixon, Christina Kieffer, Laura Price, Bekah Tello, Carly Smith, Jasmine Vackerics
Cost: $10 (Please order the book on your own through your preferred retailer.)

Overview: During what can be a demanding and confusing season of life for many women, Living Beloved offers young mothers a chance to grow in their identity as children of God simply by observing their own little ones. By examining the simple characteristics of a child―transparency, trust, joy, boldness, and more―moms will learn to see their relationship with God their Father in a new way. The book encourages moms to view early motherhood as a wonderful tutoring session from God, as a lesson in how to grow closer to Him and live “beloved” as His child.

Later Event: September 19
Exodus 1-40