“Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.” - Proverbs 16:3

About The Falls Church Anglican

We are an evangelical, historically Anglican congregation in Northern Virginia with a local worshipping history that predates the American Revolution. Our vision is that Christ be King in our lives and in the lives of others.

Employees of The Falls Church Anglican come together to serve God, one another, our congregation, our community, and our world. As disciples of Christ, our employees steward their responsibilities with care, demonstrating the fruits of the Spirit in their daily responsibilities. We offer a workplace focused on the excellence that glorifies God as we perform our work, both in readiness to do our daily tasks and in embracing and knowing how the Word of God applies as we serve. We also model grace in our interactions, in thankfulness for the grace we are given in Christ.

We do not require all employees to be Anglicans, but because of our essential identity as a community of faith in Jesus Christ, we require all employees to wholeheartedly believe and confess that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life: no one comes to the Father but by Him. As a community, we submit to the authority of the Holy Scriptures and the standard for Christian faith and life. We uphold the sanctity and dignity of human life, the creation of humankind in God’s image as male and female, and the unchangeable standard of Christian marriage between one man and one woman as the only proper place for sexual intimacy and the basis of the family. When hired, employees affirm and agree with these theological and ethical commitments.

Our Mission is to:

  • Love our neighbors to new life in Christ.

  • Build strong, loving families and friendships.

  • Raise up youth to be strong in faith and future leaders of the church.

  • Equip and send out all members of our church to serve Christ with vision in the workplace, community, home, church, and the world.

  • Send out well-trained ministers and teams to start new churches.

  • Bring the healing touch of Christ to those in need.

Open Positions

+ Program Assistant: Healing & Prayer Ministries

We are seeking a: full-time Program Assistant for TFCA’s thriving healing and intercessory prayer ministries who will support and promote the operations of the department, including all events and training programs. Through this ministry and its associated non-profit, the Christian Healing Institute, the Program Assistant will be interacting with parishioners, non-parishioners, and the general public.

The ideal candidate will have a proven ability to: provide excellent planning and administrative support for the successful functioning of a multi-faceted operation, to work as part of a team, to build internal and external relationships and to take initiative in anticipating and fulfilling needs.

He or she will be committed to: Sharing God’s love through whole-hearted service to others, including those who need to experience God’s mercy, and to seeing the Kingdom of Heaven manifested on earth through the Church.

This position is an excellent opportunity to: participate in the work of the Holy Spirit to heal and transform, working as part of a team of dedicated staff and volunteers.

Job Responsibilities The Healing and Prayer Ministries Program Assistant position is based in Falls Church and reports to the Director of Healing and Prayer Ministries, who is also the Executive Director of the related Christian Healing Institute. He or she is responsible for the following:

  • Providing key administrative input and support for planning and implementing on-going and special activities.
  • Working closely with staff members and ministry volunteers to communicate, promote, and carry out the mission and vision of the Healing & Prayer Ministries and the Christian Healing Institute.
  • Communicating the mission and activities of these ministries through printed, electronic, and social media.
  • Building both internal and external relationships, through personal, written, and online means.
  • Providing support to the director in her ministry.

Qualifications We’re seeking candidates with proven administrative and inter-personal skills who have a strong desire to see people experience the love of Jesus. The ideal candidate will have:

  • A track record of getting things done on schedule and with a high level of competency.
  • Proven experience in planning and executing events.
  • Excellent reasoning skills and the ability to assess a situation and suggest a course of action.
  • Experience managing multiple tasks and working seamlessly with teams.
  • The ability to take initiative, to think ahead and to anticipate needs; to work with minimal supervision.
  • Experience and readiness in working with a variety of computer software programs, including scheduling and data software.

Compensation depends on experience, and includes an excellent benefit package.

How to Apply Please send a cover letter and resume to resume@tfcanglican.org and reference Healing & Prayer Program Assistant in the subject line.