"Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth." - 2 Timothy 2:15


Kathleen Christopher, Director of Healing Prayer: 571-282-0222
Sam Ferguson, Rector Elect
Bill Haley, Associate Rector
Lisa Henderson, Director of the Care Team: 571-282-0204
Nicholas Lubelfeld, Pastoral Associate: 571-282-0205
Brock Morgan, Director of Youth Ministry: 571-282-0303
Will Shafferman, Pastoral Associate: 571-282-0703
Rick Wright: Director of Congregational Care: 571-282-0501
John Yates, Rector: 571-282-6700


Rachel Hansen, High School Girls Coordinator: 571-282-0306
Preston Hansen, High School Assistant Director: 571-282-0305
Francis Kim, Middle School Boys Coordinator: 571-282-0309
Brock Morgan, Director of Youth Ministry: 571-282-0303
Bethany Thies, Administrative Assistant: 571-282-0301
Bekah Valerio, Middle School Assistant Director: 571-282-0304

Worship and Music

Jon Crocker, Audiovisual Manager: 571-282-0334
Simon Dixon, Director of Worship and Music: 571-282-6223
Ben Doggett, Contemporary Worship Leader: 571-282-6226
Juliana Gustafson, Administrative Assistant: 571-282-6222
Andrew Schooley, Associate Director, Worship: 571-282-6224


Stella Butala, Administrative Assistant: 571-282-0400
Heather Campbell, Preschool & Elementary Manager: 571-282-0403
Laurie Harmer, Assistant Director of Nursery: 571-282-0402
Jane Webb, Interim Director of Children and Family: 571-282-0401

Congregational Care

Jenny Byrne, Seniors Ministry Coordinator: 571-282-0205
Lisa Henderson, Director of the Care Team: 571-282-0204
Nicholas Lubelfeld, Pastoral Associate: 571-282-0205
Sabrina Pagkalinawan, Receptionist: 571-282-0100
Rick Wright: Director of Congregational Care: 571-282-0501

Discipleship & Outreach

Steve Cannizzaro, Dir. of Discipleship & Outreach: 571-282-0702
Laura Hill, Women's Ministry Coordinator: 571-282-0701
Erin O'Keefe, Connections Coordinator: 571-282-0700
Will Shafferman, Pastoral Associate: 571-282-0703

Healing and Prayer

Kathleen Christopher, Director of Healing Prayer: 571-282-0222
Mary Hamilton, Coordinator: 571-282-0223

Director's and REctor’s Offices

LeAnne Gormong, Office Manager: 571-282-0500
Nancy McAlpin, Executive Assistant to the Rector: 571-282-6700
Karen Strong, Senior Director: 571-282-0502


Patricia Balzer, IT Manager: 571-282-0336
Carol Bowman, Accounting Office: 571-282-0114
Jeanne Burcham, Comptroller: 571-282-0116
Karen Chretien, Director of Administration: 571-282-0115
Liz Connors, Payables Specialist: 571-282-0118
Daron Keller, Facilities Manager: 571-282-0117
Erlene Kirkland, Housekeeper
Stephanie Subu, Database Administrator: 571-282-0337


Nicole Arnold-Bik, Communications Coordinator
Zach Kincaid, Director of Communications

More on John Yates

John Yates has been the Rector of The Falls Church in Falls Church, Virginia, since 1979. The Falls Church was established by English settlers as an Anglican church, and its leaders were instrumental in the development of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States in the late 1700s. But in 2006, the members of the church voted overwhelmingly to leave the Episcopal Church and have been deeply involved in the establishment of the new Anglican Church of North America. This church of around 3,500 active members is well known for training young pastors, planting daughter churches, biblical preaching, a strong focus on family life, vibrant worship, and outstanding youth ministry.

John is married to Susan Alexander Yates. They have five adult children and 21 grandchildren. Susan is well known for her many books on family life and as a speaker and teacher. John has written a number of books as well.

John has been an instrumental figure in the Anglican renewal movement here in the U.S. over the last several decades. He attended the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, graduating in 1968, Phi Beta Kappa and a Morehead scholar. He received his Masters of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1971, and in 1984 earned a Doctorate of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary. His work over the years with Christian young people and young families has especially equipped him as a spokesman on family life. He and his wife are deeply involved in the Little Rock, Arkansas-based ministry, Family Life, and they speak regularly at Weekend to Remember conferences around the country.

More on Sam Ferguson

Sam grew up in the beautiful countryside of Chester County, Pennsylvania. While in college at Drexel University, he heard a distinct call from God to life as a pastor. Upon graduation he went on staff with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in inner city Philadelphia, leading Bible studies on high school campuses and coaching basketball in the Philadelphia Public League. These early experiences deeply shaped Sam’s convictions about our common need for Jesus, and the importance of strong churches for reaching out to communities.

Sensing God calling him to ordained ministry in the local church, Sam completed a Master of Divinity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, near Boston, and a Master of Philosophy at Cambridge University in England. His calling to the Anglican Church solidified during these years and in 2011, Sam was ordained in the Anglican Church of North America.

Sam joined The Falls Church Anglican in 2011 as part of our Timothy program, and in 2015 became Associate Pastor for Research and Teaching. In this latter role he began a Ph.D. in New Testament at Southeastern Seminary in North Carolina. Supervised by Dr. Andreas Köstenberger, Sam is writing a dissertation in the area of biblical anthropology.

In July 2018, The Falls Church Anglican’s Vestry voted to call Sam as our next Rector, a role he’ll transition into in spring 2019. Sam is humbled by such a calling, but equally excited about God’s plans for our church in the years ahead. Convinced God made people for community and mission, Sam longs to see people continually drawn into the Family of God through our church then sent into the world on mission.

Asked about heroes, Sam said, “Saint Paul, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, John Piper, and my dad; men whose lives are worthy of imitation.” As a lifelong Philadelphia sports fan, he’s tempted to add Nick Foles!