A Perfectly Healthy Colon

A few days before his appointment, an email was sent to his personal prayer team; “I have a colonoscopy Monday -- routine for me as I've had Colitis since 1991.  I have thought a few times that God may have healed that completely -- I have not had symptoms in months.  Pray that the colonoscopy shows perfectly healthy and restored colon!”

The day after: “I had my colonoscopy yesterday -- and the doctor said there is no Colitis to be found.  He saw a perfectly healthy colon, and said it is both in 'clinical remission' (no apparent symptoms) but also verified via observation as being clear of all inflammation!  Praise God!

"My wife was with me when the doctor explained everything, and she said the doctor just didn't have a word for 'healed by the grace of God' in his medical training!  Anyway, I'm thankful for my doctor, and I'm thankful for my God and Savior Jesus Christ who still heals the broken places! Be encouraged friends!” - Prayer Participant